Tooth Aches - SaNs Tooth & Gum Repair (30mls)


Tooth & Gum Repair made by Saute Antarctic Naturals

Heal your Teeth & Gum, now made here in NZ!
It’s truly amazing!
my family have used it for years and now SaNs has been gifted the formula.

Save your money, Save your Teeth, Heal your gums and bring back your smile!

This exact formula has helped hundreds of people save their teeth, and repair bone and gum loss.
Known to be effective on receding, infected or rotting gums, or for diseased dental bone, and teeth in danger of removal.

It is all natural, a much more affordable formula for your gums and teeth than going to the dentist.
You will more likely not need to see a dentist again if used daily and as directed.


🌸The Echinacea in the formula deadens pain, kills germs, kicks the immune system into action, and starts working against bacteria that is deep down in the gum pockets.
🌸Bayberry and Oak Bark will tighten up the gum tissue right before your eyes.
🌸Peppermint is a very strong disinfectant, reduces inflammation, and increases blood circulation to carry off toxins, bring in nutrition, and generally cleanse the mouth.
🌸The Clove Oil is a great pain reliever for toothache.

Use 1-2drops to brush with & or 1 drop to rinse mouth in a 15mls of warm water for as long as you want to allow the herbs to infuse healing into your teeth and gums.

Stored in a 30ml amber dropper bottle.
30 mls = (approx 600 drops) if using 4 drops a day it can last 5 months.

Limited stock available, while SaNs garden resources last.


POSTAGE: $8 standard post within Auckland applies per parcel. (Up to 3Kgs)

Unfortunately this site does not calculate rural or far distant areas. Should cost be above standard I will send you an email to show advise you of the actual postage costs, pending on where you live.

Once approved by you, I will send you payment details before going forward with packaging for delivery.

The other option will be to decline and I will refund any costs made via web shop.

thankyou SaNs