ABOUT Saute Antarctic Naturals


Saute Antarctic Naturals (SaNs) believes medicine should start in the garden.

There is an abundance of natural richness found growing in God's Nature, that has safe and effective healing properties (Chemical free).

As a new sole entrepreneur, I am a mother, wife, daughter, nana and sister first with 30+ years' experience as a Nurse.  I have lived a life nurturing others and always sought to give the best for my family where possible.


I was raised up in NZ by hardworking, creative & caring influences in my life, my parents. They migrated from the Pacific Islands in the 1960s and demonstrated huge resilience and courage. 

I have fond memories of always having a vege/fruit garden whom my father (from Tokelau) taught me values in growing your own food. I also grew up observing my late mother Saute (from Tuvalu) in traditional healing of massage (fofo). I recall her planting herbs to use in her massage or would make concoctions for us to drink.  She would often share her memories of how her grand parents taught her traditional fofo as a young girl. I was always massaged by my mother and had learnt through her techniques and often was the one to massage my parents and others.

My personal experience was as a young 15yr old when i was introduced to herbalist at various health shops with supplements by my sister in law Julie.  As a teen I experienced 2 yrs of serious cases of chronic Migraines, with all the symptoms of blurred vision of the 1 sided spiralling light, nausea, vomiting and 3 days of extreme headaches occurring 2weekly. Doctors couldn’t help, I truly believe symptoms eventually disappeared through herbal remedies. I’m forever grateful to Julie, who cared and is still a huge influence and support for me in this natural health journey today.

🪴How SaNs started:

Healing was always a part of my life, from a child to becoming a nurse in the 1980s. My interest in herbs were embedded in my life as a normality and this quietly sat in the background as I delved into the medical world of nursing.
My awakening really started in 2019 where I found myself frustrated for my grandson and father after unsuccessful medical interventions.  I was desperate and started exploring alternative options to help my then 6-8 month old grandson Enoch, who had severe chronic eczema.  At the same time
 my elderly Father was diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer, on meds and with increasing skin irritations.  Despite the good efforts in prescription meds given to manage their skin issues, it didn't work, or made symptoms worse. 

My personal research in herbs for skin ailments found a new creation I call Enoch's ointment, as after all had failed, this herbal remedy was a saving grace.  This ointment was the miracle that helped immediately, and was the only cream that helped my father.
Today my grandson is now >4 yrs. with no eczema.  My father is no longer frustrated with itchiness. 

🌺How it all came to fruition:

In recent life changing events, I had to leave my career/work, with loss of income to be a fulltime caregiver and had soon after experienced a place of grief for the loss of my dear 90 year old mother Saute who passed in 2022.  I was then left caring for my very elderly 93 year old also grieving, father.  SaNs creation became a sanctuary for my own healing, a personal space of spiritual peace, joy and recovery. 

Learning more about God's provision of healing herbs and I fell into a joy of making that something special that helps others became so energizing.  I began to learn and grow various botanical herbs and healing plants, from seeds to harvesting, then transforming my plants into healing creations. 

I love that SaNs products holds a very special place for my mother Saute and overall continues a legacy of nurturing, traditional healing most importantly, deeply connected to her spiritualality I can share today..

@Saute Antarctic Naturals Ltd 💗


I am grateful for this personal journey from grief to joy🙏🏾

2023 I have resumed back to work as a RN part time, while caregiving my palliative father and my interests in nature has exponentially grown to where I'm now studying part time to be a Herbalist.

SaNs infused herbs makes herbal ointments and creams, gentle soaps, natural skin lotions, soothing bath bombs, salt soaks & more.


I feel very blessed to live this purpose.  Influenced and passed down from my mother, was to seek Gods nature in healing first. In my creations it's important for SaNs to create what is true, safe, kind and gentler for your skin and body.

My key motivation here is, to keep learning, creating & helping others alike my grandson by utilizing our God given nature that really does heal.❤️

The herbs are for the healing of the nations." - Revelation 22:2