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This is a part time passion, I love to create from Gods nature which I value deeply.

2024 products is now limited due to time to make from scratch, from growing, harvesting, infusing to making each product all natural & honest!

SaNs products will now be

"Made to order"

...keep in mind once ordered, I will make these fresh where possible &

this can take up to 2 weeks  to create

with care & love πŸ’• β€οΈπŸ’—



Welcome to Saute Antarctic Naturals (Limited) SaNs

"From my garden to kind creations"

Made for the skin sensitive and health conscious.

God gave herbs for the service of men (Psalms 104:14)


SaNs offers you handcrafted remedies from nature, that is kind and gentle on your skin/body.

These range from ointments to herbal soaps and massage oils (more coming).

All made from selected medicinal herbs, harvested from my organic garden.

We are a home based, small garden, family business with a passion to learn, seek, develop and share what is good.

SaNs creates with respect and gratitude in all Gods given nature, that is healing and deeply spiritual. 

We believe there is an abundance of benefits in untouched plants and herbs,

known for centuries to prevent or alleviate certain symptoms,

and at times brings divine miracles in natural healings.

Your body is a temple for your spirit.  Just as you treat temples with respect, you should treat your body with respect. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17) 


Today, we live in very challenging times, with more illnesses and increasing chronic diagnosis.  

Yet very little is spoken about preparing the body's own natural immunity. 

Knowledge is key to personal motivation and taking self-responsibility. 

Many are now looking to nature and awakening to the realization that natural herbs are medicine too.

Learning the many types of plants that heal is very exciting, especially when you

grow and harvest right from your home garden (as done by our ancestors).

There is a wealth of knowledge in traditional healing,

we believe it's important to seek and treasure for the benefits of our future generations.


Saute Antarctic Naturals aims to raise an awareness of alternative, safe and natural options/choices.  Also with knowledge, the right medicine can be easily found in your garden too.

It is believed that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right conditions such as proper nutrition, rest, exercise & natures remedies

When our body is given the right conditions, the body will heal itself


Note: We advise to always consult with your GP first

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