Hair - 2n1 Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner Bar (100 gms)



These shampoo conditioner bars have high-quality organic ingredients

Each herb selected to deeply nourish & naturally wash your hair and scalp. These herbs are planted & grown spray free from my garden & handcrafted with love. You won't find it anywhere more natural than this & you wont want to go back to liquid bought.

No harm bar, no harsh chemicals, blended to naturally nourish, strengthen, promote hair regrowth & can help reduce or slow down grey hair.

2 sizes available - SaNs is making it affordable as possible to reach many families to learn about health is in nature

🌸100gm bar known to give your family 12+ natural nourishing washes with no chemicals at $8 ea

These bars are more concentrated, rich in herbs, with no parabens or chemicals so you don't need much. These Bars will last longer if well looked after, compared to the shop bought liquid shampoo.

Eg: One shampoo bar lasts well over 12 washes on average. This bar is equivalent in concentration to 2 bottles of 350ml liquid shampoo/Conditioner 


USE: wet hair and gently wet bar & rub into your scalp/hair then lather to wash well before rinsing. Put block in a dry area to keep for next wash.

towel dry hair, you will find it leaves your hair feeling fresh, light & clean! (Not at all greasy or heavy from chemically made ones)

This is very nourishing & safe to use daily or weekly.

Made with quality organic homegrown Rosemary, Calendula & Chamomile with home made Gingko extract. Scented with quality Lavender essential oils which brings soothing healing properties 

🌿One of the many benefits of using a rosemary in a bar is its ability to deeply nourish and bring healing to your hair and scalp. These herbs leaves your hair feeling fresh, light, soft and clean without any chemicals. Rosemary has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to keep the scalp free from any fungal or bacterial infections that can lead to dandruff.

🌼Calendula can deeply heal any scalp irritation & has rich nourishing properties

🌻Chamomile helps promotes hair strength, prevents split ends.

🪷Gingko extract has antioxidant properties, helps stimulate healthy hair regrowth by improving circulation in the scalp. Helps reduce grey hair.

RECOMMEND: to purchase also the "hair & scalp relief" natural oil spray for those with troubled areas needing healing

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Pickup is avail only by arrangement 

POSTAGE: $8 standard post within Auckland applies only
Unfortunately this site does not calculate rural or far distant areas. Should cost be above standard I will send you an email to show advise you of the actual postage costs, pending on where you live.

Once approved by you, I will send you payment details before going forward with packaging for delivery.

The other option will be to decline and I will refund any costs made via web shop.