Arthritis or Aches- SaNs Comfrey Muscle and Joint Relief


100 gm amber jar $35
A soft balm of with cayenne pepper to assist blood circulation. Blended with selected homegrown natural herbs of Comfrey, Manuka & Stinging Nettle with lavender all specially selected herbs to help relieve;

🍀Muscle aches
🍀Joint Pain
🍀Nerve cramp pain
🍀Sciatica aches
🍀Sport muscle recovery
🍀Arthritic joint pain
🍀Rheumatoid inflammation
🍀Neck pain

& more

use directly in pain areas or use in massaging muscle & joint aches

The comfrey leaves and roots contain powerful cell-regenerative properties, meaning it helps your cells repair and create new bone or tissue. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which provide relief from joint and muscle pain and speed up the healing process for bruises and contusions

Stinging nettle have been used historically to treat arthritis and relieve sore & joint pain by applying nettle leaf topically to the painful area.

Manuka leaves help alleviate stress and reduces pain and helps soothe your mood.

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thankyou SaNs